Sunday, July 18, 2010

Skin, Skin, Skin

As I am drawing near my practical exam, here are some interesting facts that I manage to gather from my research.
There are some key ingredients that you have to look out for the next time you shop for any skin product

CO Enzyme Q10

Used to boost energy within a skin cell and promote rejuvenation of healthy cells. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that prevents free radical damage to the skin cell’s energy centers. Q10 is also found in our body naturally and dietary supplements such as liver, kidney, beef, soy oil, sardines, mackerel and peanuts

Hyaluronic acid

An acid that hold 1000x its weight content and used on the skin provides super hydration qualities

Vitamin A

This is all ladies answer to anti ageing problems. Vitamin A is a skin softening and resurfacing product in skin product

Ascorbic acid/ Vitamin C

They are great for their exfoliation effect action, synthesis collagen production and maintaining good amount of flexibility in the skin

Preventing is better than cure therefore keeping a look out for these key ingredients in your next skin shopping might just be the answers in combating aging.

Our skin is fed with oxygen, water and nutrients by the blood circulating in the dermis. The epidermis consists of 5 layers with the top three made of dead or dying cells

Sebum is the skin natural oil that gives the skin its suppleness. It’s also provides a sticky surface for bacteria to get caught in. If we do not clean the skin properly this bacteria can build up and infect pores or hair follicles causing blemishes

Blushing is caused by nervous system triggering a response to emotion which stimulates the blood to rush to the surface and appear as red

Skin is made of the same substances as nails and hair which it is so strong

There is 4 type of mask:

Gel mask are great for oily, congested, dehydrated and sensitive skin because they are not heavy and contain little oil.

Cream mask are great for dry, mature and sun damage skin as they contain copious amounts of oil and have a great softening effect.

Clay mask are the ones that dry & give a tight finish. These are design to drawn out impurities and deep cleanse. They can be use on all type of skin but work best on oily & congested skins.

Liquid masks usually have an AHA ingredient that resurfaces the skin. These can be leave under make up.

Every time we step out of the house the sun rays shine on our skin and generate a reaction that causes the skin to produce melanin turning our skin brown. Melanin is our natural defense to the sun. The sun has been proven to be the worst cause of skin ageing and skin cancers


Ultra violet light is given off by the sun even when it isn’t sunny. The light is divided into 3 types UVA, UVB & UVC.


This ray is not filtered by glass and penetrate to deep layers of the skin easily damaging them.


This ray is more superficial and therefore usually responsible for sunburn. It’s strongest is when the sun is bright and high during the hours of 10am to 2pm


This ray will be our consent in the near future with the thinning of the ozone layer. This ray is normally absorbed by the ozone layer.

With that the 1st step of staying younger is just to stay away from the SUN : ))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the lst time in my life,

I am getting myself a waxing treatment.

There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. It is a long-lasting method. Hair in waxed areas will not grow back for two to eight weeks. Waxing can be painful when the strip is removed from the skin. Although the pain is not long-lasting, it can be intense, particularly in more sensitive areas. Another drawback to waxing is the expense: waxing is usually performed by a licensed therapist, and the cost can be very high, up to several hundred dollars depending on the area of hair removed and how many treatments are necessary. My trainer even told us that a waxing therapist make more money than any other therapists. I think this is a good career switch that one should consider for just a few minutes stress free job.

There are 2 types of waxing, warm and hot waxing. For warm waxing the degree of the pot should be set between 5 to 6 while for hot wax is set between 3 to 4.
The melting temperature of warm wax is about 40 to 50 degree Celsius while hot wax is about 50 to 60 degree Celsius.

Warm wax is being use on large area like the leg, back and chest while hot wax is use on small area like armpit and bikini line.

Warm wax requires a paper strip while hot wax do not requires any.

Warm Waxing Procedures

1) Push the facial bed up

2) Seated the client in a comfortable position

3) Wear Gloves

4) Bend the client’s knee

5) Observe the direction of the hair growth

6) Apply antiseptic lotion (Shake the bottle a little with the cap on first)

7) Check the temperature of the wax on the therapist wrist

8) Check the temperature of the wax on the client wrist (Mdm is the temperature ok?)

9) Scoop ¼ of the wax and scrape the excess wax at the side of the waxing pot, the wax must be held flat up to avoid dipping

10) Put therapist another hand below the wax and walk towards the customer

11) Apply the wax on the customer’s leg below the knee cap to the ankle in the direction of the hair growth

12) Apply from one side to another side. Repeat step 9 to 11 if the wax is unable to cover the whole area. Start from the area where the therapist had stop

13) Place the paper strip on the lower portion of the leg from the ankle 1st towards the top. (Side to side)

14) Using one hand to rub on the paper strip and the other hand to support the area (Both hands can not cross during this procedure)

15) Very quickly pull low the free edged of the paper strip behind against the hair growth

16) Apply wax on the knee cap in the direction of the hair growth divide into two portion starting from the bottom (Side to side)

17) Place the paper strip, the other hand is use to support the wax area. Rub the area and remove the strip in low fast speed against the hair growth

18) Check for remaining hair and use tweezers to remove the excess hair

19) Place the removed excess hair on a cotton wool.

20) Clean the waxed area with sweet almond oil using a big piece of cotton wool

21) Apply soothing cream with cotton wool

22) Client is advised within 24 hours not to take hot bath, steam bath, go sun tanning or sauna, wear tight clothing, apply perfume and if itchy apply soothing cream.

Hot Waxing Procedures

1) Push the facial bed down

2) Seated the client in a comfortable position

3) Wear Gloves

4) Observe the direction of the hair growth

5) Apply antiseptic lotion (Shake the bottle a little with the cap on first)

6) Dap powder on armpit/ bikini line with cotton wool

7) Check the temperature of the wax on the therapist wrist

8) Check the temperature of the wax on the client wrist (Mdm is the temperature ok?)

9) Place a tissues paper on the side of the client underwear for bikini waxing only

10) For bikini waxing ensure the client’s knee is bend

11) Scoop the hot wax into a lollipop (1/4 of the spatula)

12) Twist & turn while walking toward the client to avoid dipping

13) Ask the client to support the side of her breast area

14) Divide the armpit into 3 portion

15) 1st portion is the top: Wax is apply and remove against the direction of the hair growth (Usually downward)

16) 2nd portion is the bottom: Wax is apply and remove against the direction of the hair growth (Usually upward)

17) 3rd portion is the center: Wax is apply and remove against the direction of the hair growth

18) Wait for the wax to dry by counting 1,000 to 10,000

19) Test with therapist 2nd finger if the wax is dry

20) Press on the wax with therapist palm.

21) Therapist is to support the area to be waxed

22) Quickly remove the wax against the hair growth

23) Press on the waxed area again with palm.

24) Check for remaining hair and use tweezers to remove the excess hair

25) Place the removed excess hair on a cotton wool.

26) Clean the waxed area with sweet almond oil using a big piece of cotton wool

27) Apply soothing cream with cotton wool

28) Client is advised within 24 hours not to take hot bath, steam bath, go sun tanning or sauna, wear tight clothing, apply perfume and if itchy apply soothing cream.

So what do you think, are you up to the challenge to be a waxing therapist?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ugly Betty to Drop Dead Gorgeous Diva

Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. An "ideal beauty" is what every women desire and had become the only acceptable culture in the society. Believe it or not no matter how educated one is, we are always con by beauty. Many companies bang on intelligent ideas on how to turn one Ugly Betty to a Drop Dead Gorgeous Diva.
One study found that people low in physical attractiveness earn 5 to 10 percent less than ordinary looking people, who in turn earn 3 to 8 percent less than those who are considered good looking so which one are you ???

A subject of beauty is anything that resonates with personal meaning. Mine subjective personal view is staying beautiful from the inside. With all that let not start blaming our parents for the plain Jane features and bad skin days for most of the days instead see how we can improve our looks with all the treatment available in the market.

The good old fashion facial will serves a good beginning.

A facial can offer many benefits. The face is always subject to the elements such as the sun, maybe smoke or an improper at home regime. Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a professional skin care specialist who will analyze your skin, help you improve your complexion and show you how to take proper care of your skin.

A facial can give you a deep cleansing, deeper than the cleansing you will get at home. A facial includes cleansing as well as exfoliation which can help to unclog your pores.

A facial helps increase circulation and stimulates the skin. It can also help slow down premature aging by custom-targeting your skin care. Facials are a great preventative treatment to help you beat wrinkles before they occur. Keeping your skin hydrated will help keep the skin moist and stop dehydration.

A facial may help you understand the proper skin care products for your skin. Most people are using the wrong products for their skin type; this causes the skin to become sensitized.

I can’t help wondering what actually happen in the facial chair so here I had summarize some of the general facial treatment procedures

Enjoy : ))

1) Seat client at a comfortable position

2) Secured client hair off her face with a clean head band

3) Cover the client body with a big towel before proceeding with the treatment

4) The treatment start with a superficial cleansing to remove any make up

5) The cotton wools were solid with make up remover

6) The eyes & lip are treated first with the damp cotton wools

7) Other areas of the face including the neck are being cleanse and the skin is supported at the temple area throughout this process

8) The treatment proceed with deep cleansing using the appropriate skin products for the skin type

9) Deep cleansing helps the skin to be cleaned from dirt and toxins leaving skin revitalized and healthy. Dead skin cells are removed to promote production of new skin cells with stronger elastic and collagen contents. Skin will feel fresh and clean. It will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help treat any acne or blemishes currently on the skin. This treatment will also make skin able to fight off any future break outs

10) After cleansing damp cotton wools are place over client’s eyes and her face is being steam for about 15 min

11) Steaming help to open up the client’s pores simulating the sweat and sebaceous glands increasing desquamation and the rate of the blood and lymph flow through the skin

12) With gentle pressure, all the client’s comedones and malias are being extracted (Tissues wrapped around index finger)

13) Too much pressure while doing the extraction can cause broken capillaries on clients with sensitive, reddened skin (called coupe rouse). It can cause dark spots called hyper pigmentation and inflamed areas should not be extracted, because the infection might spread.

14) Extracting to open comedones will also help get rid of skin acnes

15) Cclient is given a Swedish facial massage using sweet almond oil or massage cream for about 20min

16) Swedish facial massages are combination of slow strokes that help to improve the skin appearance and texture

17) Massages used various strokes including effleurages, kneading, circling, pinching and rolling

18) After massage, client’s skin will appear more firmed, lifted and refreshed

19) The excess oil is being removed with a damp sponge and blotted dry

20) Facial tissues was tucked under the edge of the headband to prevent it from becoming soiled

21) Appropriate mask for the client skin type should be applied. Two different type of mask can be used to target on different problem area

22) A thin layer of mask is being applied on the whole face including the neck

23) The mask is left on for about 15 min

24) Rosewater eye pads are being use to cover the eyes while petroleum jelly was applied to the lip to keep them moisture

25) The eye pads are remove and a damp sponge is used to wipe away the mask with firm upward movements

26) The removal procedures are repeated until all traces of mask is being removed.

27) Blotted the skin dry before applying appropriate toner range over the face & neck areas in upward & outward motions

28) Appropriate serums are being applied on to different target area of the face, neck and eyes

29) Sunscreen lotion of at least 15 SPF is being applied

30) Application is done in upward & outward strokes

31) Excess cream is blotted away with facial tissues

32) Headband is remove & client hair is tied

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Behind close doors

Sharing some pictures of what's happening behind close doors of my weeks in Makeup class : ))

Off to School Now : ))

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are you a hero or a villain?

It’s pretty strange to see me glue to the TV every Friday night to watch Survivor Heroes Vs Villains. 


I must say that I can not help comparing the fact that the show is portraying the very much game that we play in the office everyday. But we still spend 8 hours or sometime more per day away from our love ones so logically we are spending more time with our colleagues than our family & friends. Isn’t that a good enough reason to give them a big teddy bear hug today!! The challenges are like tasks given to you on a daily basis you can either put your heart & soul to win it for rewards, immunity idols or just screw it up. Immunity Idols are favors that you can use to save you today but not forever. At the end of the day, it’s your purpose. For survivor the purpose is clearer to WIN THAT MILLION DOLLORS.

As of yesterday the show is down with 1 Hero & 4 Villains,


The slacker
He is a well build guy who sucks in challenges & do not play any kind of strategy at all. He just go with the flow. But you must give it to him for being the last man standing in the Heroes tribe. 
So being under the radar have it's advantages.


The underdog
She had always been outside the circle of the Villains tribe. Being in that position, she is always on her toes in the game & constantly thinking to strive for her position in the game.  She learns not to trust anyone & always always watch her back.


The learner
I remember her pretty well in the last Australia outback survivor game. I was still in school and it was all over the internet that she was frequently involved in conflicts with the rest of the cast, earning her a degree of notoriety. She had always have a target on her back & they wanted so much to vote her off but she keep winning challenges that secure her position. She is the only person who play the game differently this time round with her track record in her last game, I am sure she is as capable as Russell but she choose to play a less confrontational games.

Ms Pretty
As what I had read in Fordes, looks do matter…… 
The ugly truth the more attractive you are the more you will earn and be respected.


Are you with me or against me????
Russell is the first player in Survivor history to locate a hidden immunity idol without a written clue and he is also the first to be handed an immunity idol by the opposite tribe.  Upholding the title villain, he stategicly vote the same person that had given him the idol JT. A smart man that have a purpose in mind & will do anything to get them….. This might very much cause him the milllion dollor.

Lesson that I took away was nor a Hero or a Villain, you must have a balance of both world. As a survivor worker, what your purpose? To earn a living, To get a promotion, To get a raise, a stayer or a quitter with that lay your strategies, make alliances, work smart, strive for immunity idol & if you put a trust in someone but the person took them & rip it apart instead…..
It’s all about Outwit, Outplay & Outlast……

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Climb

Is it just me but similar to Ally Mac Beal. I consistently have a song stuck in my head. My recent love is “The Climb” from Miley Cyrus.

Yes, Hanissah is saying that I am such an old – school but this is one of a few songs that never get old with time……

I can almost see it

That dream I'm dreamin' but

But there's a voice inside my head saying

"you'll never reach it".

Every step I'm taking.

Every move I make feels

Lost with no direction.

My faith is shakin'

But I, I gotta keep tryin'.

Gotta keep my head held high.

There's always gonna be another mountain.

I'm always gonna wanna make it move.

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose.

Ain't about how fast I get there.

Ain't about what's waitin on the other side.

It's the climb.

The struggles I'm facing.

The chances I'm taking.

Sometimes might knock me down but

No I'm not breaking.

I may not know it but these are the moments that

I'm gonna remember most, yeah.

Just gotta keep going.

And I, I gotta be strong.

Just keep pushing on,


There's always gonna be another mountain.

I'm always gonna wanna make it move.

Always gonna be an uphill battle

But Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose.

Ain't about how fast I get there.

Ain't about what's waitin on the other side.

It's the climb.


There's always gonna be another mountain.

I'm always gonna wanna make it move.

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes you're gonna have to lose.

Ain't about how fast I get there.

Ain't about what's waitin on the other side.

It's the climb.


Keep on moving,

Keep climbing,

Keep the faith,


It’s all about,

It’s all about the climb.

Keep your faith,

Keep your faith.


With that I had made some conclusions: What life without challenge. As human we are constantly battling our own war. I am not sure about you but for me, I never have the luck in getting things easily. Life is cruel FULL STOP! We can sit and mourn all we want. But I choose to move another mountain.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Who is the prettiest lady of them all

I am not sure if working ladies like me & you had time for make up so early in the morning but here is the procedure for a typical day make – up:

1) Place the client in the sitting position

2) Tie up the client’s hair using hair band wrap with dry tissues to keep the hair away from the face

3) Wear a small power puff on the last finger of working hand and use a tissues paper for hygiene purpose when contacting between working hand and client’s face for every steps

4) Cleanse, tone and moisturize her face using appropriate product for her skin type

5) Apply base make up. Different color base make up serve different purpose

6) Green base make up is good to cover pimple face, purple is to make the face look fresher, orange is to be use on dark eye bag & nude color is apply on good skin

7) Base make up is worn under foundation to extend the staying power of the foundation or to blot excess oil for those with oily skin

8) Apply the liquid foundation evenly on her skin and neck using a clean make up sponge

9) Two different tone of liquid foundation are being use to match the client skin tone

10) Apply the concealer on the dark eye circles and freckles using a concealer brush and blend it evenly with a clean make up sponge

11) Gently dab the translucent loose powder using a clean powder puff over her face and neck evenly.

12) Apply loose powder below her eyes to prevent eye shadow colors staining on her face

13) Apply skin color eye shadow on her eyes to and blend up to the brow bone as her base eye shadow colors using a clean eye shadow base brush

14) Apply a desirable eye shadow on her inner eyelid and blend evenly to the centre of the eye lid suing the eye shadow brush

15) Sweep away the excess loose powder that is applied below the eye using powder brush

16) Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw above the upper eyelashes and below the lower eyelashes

17) Use an eyelash curler applicator to curl her eyelashes.

18) Sweep the black mascara over her eyelashes using zig zag motion

19) Use an eyelash curler to curl her eyelashes again

20) Use an eyebrow tweezers to remove excess hair on her eyebrow.

21) Use a soft brown eyebrow pencil and eyebrow brush to shape and enhance on the eyebrow

22) Apply a pink powder blusher on her smiling cheekbones using a blusher brush

23) Apply lip balm on her lip using a lip brush

24) Draw a lip shape on her outer lip using a lip liner to balance her lip shape

25) Apply pink lipstick on her lip and blend evenly within the lip shape using a lip brush

26) Apply a similar color lip gloss within her lip shape using a lip brush

27) Apply white powder using a clean contouring brush to highlight her eyes, noses and chin. It help to brighten up her face

28) Apply dark colors powder using a clean contouring blush to shade on her side of her face and nose to contour her face and her nose

29) Remove the hair band and tidy up her hair

Wow with all that effort, I am sure you will be the prettiest lady in the office at least for the day : ))

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since my recent aliasing with MUIS, I had came to learn that every week,  MUIS will update their Friday Khutbah.

I had read this week upload with much interests.
Here is a para from the Khutbah that kept me thinking for a week long:

It was reported that when the angel Jibril a.s. came to the Prophet s.a.w. in the cave of Hira’ to send down the revelation from Allah for the first time, the Prophet s.a.w. returned home trembling, and sought comfort in his wife. He told Khadijah r.a. “Cover me with the blanket. Cover me with the blanket.”

Sayyidatina Khadijah then covered the Prophet s.a.w. until the Prophet calmed down. The Prophet s.a.w. then asked his wife: “O Khadijah! What has happened to me?” The Prophet s.a.w. then told her what had happened. And he also said “I fear for myself (i.e. if I had done something wrong)”

Khadijah then continued to calm the Prophet: “Don’t feel that, but be happy! By Allah, He will not disappoint you ever. By Allah, indeed you have always established good relations with others, you only speak the truth, you help relieve others from their sufferings, you do something good that others have not done, you welcome your guests and you always defend the truth.” Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari.

These words of motivation and advice from Khadijah r.a. to the Prophet s.a.w. continued until she left the world. At all times when the Prophet s.a.w. faced difficulties and challenges, rejection and criticisms, she was there to motivate, inspire and be with him.


As I grew a year older, I came to realize that INTENTIONS play a major role in our life.

Prophet s.a.w. faced difficulties and challenges, rejection and criticisms in promoting Islam but his intentions were pure. Putting ourself in his shoes, the problems that we face is just scratchs............... on a Subaru that can be remove by getting it to a workshop : )) Therefore in any given situation when you think you are pretty SCREWed ,

Think of this few points:

- have you always established good relations with others,
- have you only speak the truth,
- have you help relieve others from their sufferings,
- have you do something good that others have not done,
- have you welcome your guests and
- have you always defend the truth.

& if everything is a YES
Be happy! Allah will not disappoint you ever!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Do you have a prefect face shape and what your color? Interestingly it was covered together in my class last night.

There are mainly 6 different types of face shapes:
- Square
- Round
- Oval
- Heart
- Pear
- Super long shape

Hopefully the diagram will help you match the face with the shape :))
Like everyone I am not born with a prefect face shape OVAL therefore that where contour cosmetics play its virtual role:
- Highlighting (Using white shades)
- Shading (Using brown shades)
- Blushing

For Round face, shading should be applied below the jaw line & blusher should be applied in downward motion.
For square face, shading should be applied below the jaw line & blusher should be applied in triangle motion
For heart face, shading should be applied on the wide forehead, highlighting the chin area & blusher should be applied toward the ear.
For pear face, shading should be applied from the eye toward the jaw line, highlighting the forehead and blusher should be applied in circular up & down motion.
For super long face, shading should be done on the chin & forehead area, highlighting the side of one face with blusher applied in circular motion.
Lastly highlighting the T zone & shading the side of the nose will also help to prefect a wide face.

Is it just me or I came to relised that the youngster are putting on more & more make up therefore is there a different between day & night makeup?

Ideally YES,

Day makeup is usually using light colors blusher and lipstick. Blending one color eye shadow with thin eyeliner drawn closer to the eye lash.

Night makeup is much more challenging, using darker tone colors for blusher and lipstick, blending 2 to 3 colors with thicker and longer eyeliner. Black, Dark brown, Grey & Coffee are common colors used to shaded eyebrow.

There is 3 different type to applying eye shadow
- Gradual Technique: Using just one color, darker to a lighter tone from the inner to the outer eyelid
- Two Technique: Using 2 colors, blending is essential
- Collection Technique: Using 3 or more color to bring out the double eyelid.
Therefore understanding your colors is crucial in blending:
Back to school we are taught that red, yellow & blue are all our primary colors, Black & white are our natural color

Yellow & Red will give us orange
Yellow & Blue will give us green
Red & Blue will give us purple

Behind every color there is a story…….

Red: Confident & smart

Yellow: Cheerfulness

Blue: Seriousness

Green: Youthful

Purple: Intelligence & Happy

Orange: Mature

White: Purity

Black: Secretive & seductiveness

With that I am leaving you with the question of the day. What’s your color?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I passed! I passed!

Not bad for a person who know nuts about manicure & pedicure just a few months ago. Toady I move into my next module MAKEUP. My 1st lesson was pretty dry with all the theories but it will get interesting as we move along. I promise!

Makeup is used to enhance our facial feature which in turn make us feel more confident. Everyone is unique therefore each individual should be approach base on their face shape, eyebrow shape, like, dislike, age, favorite colors and occasion. It is not ideal to apply makeup right after a facial.

Below are other contra- indication preventing makeup application
1) Skin disorder
2) Eczema
3) Bruising
4) Recent hemorrhage
5) Swelling and inflammation
6) Recent scar tissue
7) Cuts & abrasions
8) Recent operation
9) Eye disorder

In my examination, I will also be orally tested in
a) Preparation before makeup
b) Hygiene
c) Blending & matching of colors
& by the end of this module I am certified to provide Bridal make up, Evening make up, Day make up & Special Effect make up. COOL RITE : ))

Since the trainer do not want to scare us on our 1st class,
she started off with the simple Day Make up which included:
1) Make up base
2) Foundation
3) Loose powder
4) Eye color
5) Eye liner
6) Fake Eyelashes
7) Mascara
8) Eye brown
9) Blusher
10) Lip pencil
11) Lip color
12) Lip gloss- Step by step application

In makeup application foundation & eyebrow shaping is very important.

There is a total of 4 different type of eyebrow shaping
1) Arched: For a formal look
2) Rounded: For a sweet & soft look
3) Special Effect: For performance purpose
4) Straight: For super long shaped face

Our features is the best guide on where our eyebrow should start, arched & end.

1) Eyebrow should start in line with the corner of your nose. Measured by placing a pencil by the side of the nose plucking excess hair beyond the line.
2) The arched should be shaped by using the guide by the side of one's eye ball.
3) Eyebrow should end by placing the pencil on the corner of the nose touching the side of the eye.

Finally my Monday is over...........but do keep a look out for my next post on the 6 different types of face shape. Do not worry if you do not have the prefect face shape as contour cosmetic is the painless way to go. Its using the art of highlighting, shading & blushing for a 3 D effects.

I hope that will entice you to read my next post

Friday, January 22, 2010

Missed Me

It’s been awhile since I did any uploads. Yes I am still very much enthusiastic at school doing a lot of practice on my pedicure and manicure and motivated to improve in every single lesson. With the rate that I am going, I can definitely open a nail spa.
Sparing everyone from the serious stuff, I am sharing an interesting workshop by Stewart Hannay, Acergy's Senior Learning Consultant that I attended a few days back ‘Strategic Business Development Process’.

There are 3 stages in every business development process:
- Opening Game
This is where we look at the market, branding and look into the business plans. This stage carries 20% impact to the overall opportunity.

- Middle Game
Middle game is all about management of account, relationship, perception, information and opportunities. Persuading and capturing the market that we are interested in. This stage carries 70% impact to the overall opportunity.

- End Game
Walking the talk by submitting proposal, presentation and negotiation with the customer. This stage carries 10% impact to the overall opportunity.

Before the next game, debriefing and post-mortem is important to ensure continual improvement that allow us to identify behavioral differentiation and repositioning for the next opportunity to delight customer.

There are 4 different types of customer relationship
1) Vendor
2) Preferred Supplier
3) Partner
4) Strategic Ally

Guess what 60% of our customer that come knocking on our door are just vendor, only 10 % are our Strategic Ally that requires 60% of our time therefore we must know what kind of relationship we have before allocating effort and time on them.

Strategic account planning process requires us to look at 3 major concerns:

With that in mind we can list out our vision & objective before coming out with any action plans.

Do note that we have to spend 40% of the time with a client asking those things that keep them awake at night, 50% listening & just 10% informating, positioning ourselves as the strategic ally.

It’s key to create a superior proposal in the less time with less effort with an increase probability of winning more business.

4 questions to produce a good proposal are:
1) Why us?
2) Why not them?
3) So what?
4) How so?

A great proposal must be
- 100% compliance
- Responsive
- Evaluator friendly
- Manifests powerful winning strategies
- Features to substantive bottom line benefits for customers
- All major claims with proofs
- Designed for a mixed audience
- Customer focus
- Honest and straight forward
- Position for customer

Things that you have to note in all evaluations:
- Evaluators are always biased
- It’s an initial review
- There is always hidden agenda
- Most case not all evaluators will read all your proposal

With that a good presentation must always focus on the client’s goals before giving a details breakdown of the issues, features and benefits. Last but not the least always reinforces the client’s goals at the end of every presentation. Do hope you learn a thing or two from this post. Have a good weekend EVERYONE!!!!