Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 Strange Equipments

I am not sure about you but these 3 equipments do look very foreign to me.

Orange Stick

Cuticle Knife

Cuticle Nipper

Orange Stick

A stick of orangewood with tapered ends, used in manicuring
Orange sticks are used to push back cuticles, which is an important step in manicures
Yesterday was the 1st time I get my cuticles push back by these orange sticks, honestly I felt that there is so significant different except that my nail look longer.

SOO How on earth do you push your cuticles back using an orange stick:
The orange stick tapered end is to be wrap with very thin layer of cotton wool
Cotton- wrapped orange stick must be dip in water first for every nail
Gently push back the cuticle at 45 degree with a cotton-wrapped orange stick, slowly in circular motion

Cuticle Knife

The U/V-shaped blade cuts cuticles and the rounded blades push back cuticles.
Cuticle knife is used to properly manipulate the cuticle and remove any dead skin or cuticles properly. The main purpose of the cuticle knife is as its name suggests, is to remove any dead cuticle or skin that is still attached to the nail. It is made to actually carve the cuticle out so that the cut is clean and looks natural while also cutting any dead skin at the tip of the cuticle that can’t be removed by nail cutters.

Below are simple steps that I took about half an hour to master using the Cuticle knife:
Wetting cuticle sides before starting is very important to avoid any injury.
Placed the U/V shaped blade cuts cuticle on the cuticle side & gently move in circular inward.
Repeat the motion on both sides of the cuticle

Cuticle Nipper
Cuticle nippers are to trim and tidy cuticles and remove any dead skin from the top of the nail plate. Cuticle nippers aren’t exactly the most common tools when it comes to manicures. It isn’t vitally necessary however would make manipulating and shaping cuticles much easier instead of relying on nail cutters and cuticle knives to do the job. Cuticle nippers are essentially small cutters that look very similar to tweezers but with a cutting element on the end. The main purpose of these instruments is to fill in the gap between nail cutters and cuticle knives where thicker cuticles or dead skin can’t be easily cut by the knife or the nail cutters.

Keep a look out on my other bizarre but fascinating equipments encounter!!!