Saturday, May 15, 2010

Are you a hero or a villain?

It’s pretty strange to see me glue to the TV every Friday night to watch Survivor Heroes Vs Villains. 


I must say that I can not help comparing the fact that the show is portraying the very much game that we play in the office everyday. But we still spend 8 hours or sometime more per day away from our love ones so logically we are spending more time with our colleagues than our family & friends. Isn’t that a good enough reason to give them a big teddy bear hug today!! The challenges are like tasks given to you on a daily basis you can either put your heart & soul to win it for rewards, immunity idols or just screw it up. Immunity Idols are favors that you can use to save you today but not forever. At the end of the day, it’s your purpose. For survivor the purpose is clearer to WIN THAT MILLION DOLLORS.

As of yesterday the show is down with 1 Hero & 4 Villains,


The slacker
He is a well build guy who sucks in challenges & do not play any kind of strategy at all. He just go with the flow. But you must give it to him for being the last man standing in the Heroes tribe. 
So being under the radar have it's advantages.


The underdog
She had always been outside the circle of the Villains tribe. Being in that position, she is always on her toes in the game & constantly thinking to strive for her position in the game.  She learns not to trust anyone & always always watch her back.


The learner
I remember her pretty well in the last Australia outback survivor game. I was still in school and it was all over the internet that she was frequently involved in conflicts with the rest of the cast, earning her a degree of notoriety. She had always have a target on her back & they wanted so much to vote her off but she keep winning challenges that secure her position. She is the only person who play the game differently this time round with her track record in her last game, I am sure she is as capable as Russell but she choose to play a less confrontational games.

Ms Pretty
As what I had read in Fordes, looks do matter…… 
The ugly truth the more attractive you are the more you will earn and be respected.


Are you with me or against me????
Russell is the first player in Survivor history to locate a hidden immunity idol without a written clue and he is also the first to be handed an immunity idol by the opposite tribe.  Upholding the title villain, he stategicly vote the same person that had given him the idol JT. A smart man that have a purpose in mind & will do anything to get them….. This might very much cause him the milllion dollor.

Lesson that I took away was nor a Hero or a Villain, you must have a balance of both world. As a survivor worker, what your purpose? To earn a living, To get a promotion, To get a raise, a stayer or a quitter with that lay your strategies, make alliances, work smart, strive for immunity idol & if you put a trust in someone but the person took them & rip it apart instead…..
It’s all about Outwit, Outplay & Outlast……