Thursday, March 18, 2010


Do you have a prefect face shape and what your color? Interestingly it was covered together in my class last night.

There are mainly 6 different types of face shapes:
- Square
- Round
- Oval
- Heart
- Pear
- Super long shape

Hopefully the diagram will help you match the face with the shape :))
Like everyone I am not born with a prefect face shape OVAL therefore that where contour cosmetics play its virtual role:
- Highlighting (Using white shades)
- Shading (Using brown shades)
- Blushing

For Round face, shading should be applied below the jaw line & blusher should be applied in downward motion.
For square face, shading should be applied below the jaw line & blusher should be applied in triangle motion
For heart face, shading should be applied on the wide forehead, highlighting the chin area & blusher should be applied toward the ear.
For pear face, shading should be applied from the eye toward the jaw line, highlighting the forehead and blusher should be applied in circular up & down motion.
For super long face, shading should be done on the chin & forehead area, highlighting the side of one face with blusher applied in circular motion.
Lastly highlighting the T zone & shading the side of the nose will also help to prefect a wide face.

Is it just me or I came to relised that the youngster are putting on more & more make up therefore is there a different between day & night makeup?

Ideally YES,

Day makeup is usually using light colors blusher and lipstick. Blending one color eye shadow with thin eyeliner drawn closer to the eye lash.

Night makeup is much more challenging, using darker tone colors for blusher and lipstick, blending 2 to 3 colors with thicker and longer eyeliner. Black, Dark brown, Grey & Coffee are common colors used to shaded eyebrow.

There is 3 different type to applying eye shadow
- Gradual Technique: Using just one color, darker to a lighter tone from the inner to the outer eyelid
- Two Technique: Using 2 colors, blending is essential
- Collection Technique: Using 3 or more color to bring out the double eyelid.
Therefore understanding your colors is crucial in blending:
Back to school we are taught that red, yellow & blue are all our primary colors, Black & white are our natural color

Yellow & Red will give us orange
Yellow & Blue will give us green
Red & Blue will give us purple

Behind every color there is a story…….

Red: Confident & smart

Yellow: Cheerfulness

Blue: Seriousness

Green: Youthful

Purple: Intelligence & Happy

Orange: Mature

White: Purity

Black: Secretive & seductiveness

With that I am leaving you with the question of the day. What’s your color?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I passed! I passed!

Not bad for a person who know nuts about manicure & pedicure just a few months ago. Toady I move into my next module MAKEUP. My 1st lesson was pretty dry with all the theories but it will get interesting as we move along. I promise!

Makeup is used to enhance our facial feature which in turn make us feel more confident. Everyone is unique therefore each individual should be approach base on their face shape, eyebrow shape, like, dislike, age, favorite colors and occasion. It is not ideal to apply makeup right after a facial.

Below are other contra- indication preventing makeup application
1) Skin disorder
2) Eczema
3) Bruising
4) Recent hemorrhage
5) Swelling and inflammation
6) Recent scar tissue
7) Cuts & abrasions
8) Recent operation
9) Eye disorder

In my examination, I will also be orally tested in
a) Preparation before makeup
b) Hygiene
c) Blending & matching of colors
& by the end of this module I am certified to provide Bridal make up, Evening make up, Day make up & Special Effect make up. COOL RITE : ))

Since the trainer do not want to scare us on our 1st class,
she started off with the simple Day Make up which included:
1) Make up base
2) Foundation
3) Loose powder
4) Eye color
5) Eye liner
6) Fake Eyelashes
7) Mascara
8) Eye brown
9) Blusher
10) Lip pencil
11) Lip color
12) Lip gloss- Step by step application

In makeup application foundation & eyebrow shaping is very important.

There is a total of 4 different type of eyebrow shaping
1) Arched: For a formal look
2) Rounded: For a sweet & soft look
3) Special Effect: For performance purpose
4) Straight: For super long shaped face

Our features is the best guide on where our eyebrow should start, arched & end.

1) Eyebrow should start in line with the corner of your nose. Measured by placing a pencil by the side of the nose plucking excess hair beyond the line.
2) The arched should be shaped by using the guide by the side of one's eye ball.
3) Eyebrow should end by placing the pencil on the corner of the nose touching the side of the eye.

Finally my Monday is over...........but do keep a look out for my next post on the 6 different types of face shape. Do not worry if you do not have the prefect face shape as contour cosmetic is the painless way to go. Its using the art of highlighting, shading & blushing for a 3 D effects.

I hope that will entice you to read my next post