Monday, April 19, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Who is the prettiest lady of them all

I am not sure if working ladies like me & you had time for make up so early in the morning but here is the procedure for a typical day make – up:

1) Place the client in the sitting position

2) Tie up the client’s hair using hair band wrap with dry tissues to keep the hair away from the face

3) Wear a small power puff on the last finger of working hand and use a tissues paper for hygiene purpose when contacting between working hand and client’s face for every steps

4) Cleanse, tone and moisturize her face using appropriate product for her skin type

5) Apply base make up. Different color base make up serve different purpose

6) Green base make up is good to cover pimple face, purple is to make the face look fresher, orange is to be use on dark eye bag & nude color is apply on good skin

7) Base make up is worn under foundation to extend the staying power of the foundation or to blot excess oil for those with oily skin

8) Apply the liquid foundation evenly on her skin and neck using a clean make up sponge

9) Two different tone of liquid foundation are being use to match the client skin tone

10) Apply the concealer on the dark eye circles and freckles using a concealer brush and blend it evenly with a clean make up sponge

11) Gently dab the translucent loose powder using a clean powder puff over her face and neck evenly.

12) Apply loose powder below her eyes to prevent eye shadow colors staining on her face

13) Apply skin color eye shadow on her eyes to and blend up to the brow bone as her base eye shadow colors using a clean eye shadow base brush

14) Apply a desirable eye shadow on her inner eyelid and blend evenly to the centre of the eye lid suing the eye shadow brush

15) Sweep away the excess loose powder that is applied below the eye using powder brush

16) Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw above the upper eyelashes and below the lower eyelashes

17) Use an eyelash curler applicator to curl her eyelashes.

18) Sweep the black mascara over her eyelashes using zig zag motion

19) Use an eyelash curler to curl her eyelashes again

20) Use an eyebrow tweezers to remove excess hair on her eyebrow.

21) Use a soft brown eyebrow pencil and eyebrow brush to shape and enhance on the eyebrow

22) Apply a pink powder blusher on her smiling cheekbones using a blusher brush

23) Apply lip balm on her lip using a lip brush

24) Draw a lip shape on her outer lip using a lip liner to balance her lip shape

25) Apply pink lipstick on her lip and blend evenly within the lip shape using a lip brush

26) Apply a similar color lip gloss within her lip shape using a lip brush

27) Apply white powder using a clean contouring brush to highlight her eyes, noses and chin. It help to brighten up her face

28) Apply dark colors powder using a clean contouring blush to shade on her side of her face and nose to contour her face and her nose

29) Remove the hair band and tidy up her hair

Wow with all that effort, I am sure you will be the prettiest lady in the office at least for the day : ))

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since my recent aliasing with MUIS, I had came to learn that every week,  MUIS will update their Friday Khutbah.

I had read this week upload with much interests.
Here is a para from the Khutbah that kept me thinking for a week long:

It was reported that when the angel Jibril a.s. came to the Prophet s.a.w. in the cave of Hira’ to send down the revelation from Allah for the first time, the Prophet s.a.w. returned home trembling, and sought comfort in his wife. He told Khadijah r.a. “Cover me with the blanket. Cover me with the blanket.”

Sayyidatina Khadijah then covered the Prophet s.a.w. until the Prophet calmed down. The Prophet s.a.w. then asked his wife: “O Khadijah! What has happened to me?” The Prophet s.a.w. then told her what had happened. And he also said “I fear for myself (i.e. if I had done something wrong)”

Khadijah then continued to calm the Prophet: “Don’t feel that, but be happy! By Allah, He will not disappoint you ever. By Allah, indeed you have always established good relations with others, you only speak the truth, you help relieve others from their sufferings, you do something good that others have not done, you welcome your guests and you always defend the truth.” Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari.

These words of motivation and advice from Khadijah r.a. to the Prophet s.a.w. continued until she left the world. At all times when the Prophet s.a.w. faced difficulties and challenges, rejection and criticisms, she was there to motivate, inspire and be with him.


As I grew a year older, I came to realize that INTENTIONS play a major role in our life.

Prophet s.a.w. faced difficulties and challenges, rejection and criticisms in promoting Islam but his intentions were pure. Putting ourself in his shoes, the problems that we face is just scratchs............... on a Subaru that can be remove by getting it to a workshop : )) Therefore in any given situation when you think you are pretty SCREWed ,

Think of this few points:

- have you always established good relations with others,
- have you only speak the truth,
- have you help relieve others from their sufferings,
- have you do something good that others have not done,
- have you welcome your guests and
- have you always defend the truth.

& if everything is a YES
Be happy! Allah will not disappoint you ever!!!!