Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to grieve

I am feeling sad, disappointed, let down, fuming, angry and any other words that can describe the closing of Wellness Village Spa. Had signed a facial and massage package for $1800 & just use up 4 times out of 24 sessions. For a careful buyer that does not spend much on cosmetic products and always on a look out for good bargain, this is so far the worst purchase I had ever made. SUCK MAN !!! for what its worth God is all mighty & I am leaving in his good hand to sentence a punishment just for the Indonesian lady boss ~ LIA MEYRINA... In the meanwhile, I will be following the tread of this case to cut my losses. Wish me luck ya

This bad investment is all over my face at class last night. Thanks to all my class mates, friends & ever supportive hubby who are all there for me, so now here I am standing up & brushing away all the dirt to share with you some thing interesting I learn on “Home Care Product Recommendation”

Basic Home Care Product Recommendation is categories into four type:
1) Hydrating: Water base product or all type of skin types
2) Purifying: Water base product, sometime with a little amount of alcohol for oily or acne skin
3) Anti sensitive: Water base product for sensitive skin
4) Intensive Moisturising: Oil base product for dry skin only
Advance Home Care Product includes:
1) Pigmentation/ Whitening
2) Anti ageing or lifting
As much as you want to remove all your pigmentation & wrinkle first, a good beautician will solve your basic skin problem before working on your advance problems.
A good home care product for all individual included:
1) A good cleanser for your skin type,
2) Toner
3) Day Cream with moisturizing ingredients & SPF. Try not to put too much product on your skin in the day as it cause oiliness
4) Treatment products for the night. The more the merrier

Treatment products for the night are:
A) Vitamin A
B) Amplues/ Serum
C) Mask
Question: At home why do we put on a mask before moisturizer & at any spa the sequence is opposite?
Look out for the answer in my next upload till than do pound on it