Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Hand Massage Anyone

What an interesting lesson!!!! Hand massage!!!! I will try to put the techniques in words just for you. But if you want to know the steps better just give me a shout : )) I will gladly practice the steps on you. It’s free for this limited time only.

1) Using a bit of massaging oil to effleurage the whole forearm. Outer arm followed by inner arm ( 3 times each)

2) Thumb kneading is done via upward motion at the back of the wrist followed by back of the hand (3 times)

3) Finger circulation & slightly pull the fingers ( Please remember to support the joint)

4) Palm kneading inward direction

5) Wrist circulation via crossing your finger & move them 3 times clockwise & anticlockwise

6) Wrist Stretching via pushing the wrist to the back, forward & pull

7) Rolling movement using both hand in between the thumb in sliding movements

Yes I know it’s hard to visualize that the very reason why I offered you a free demonstration instead.

Before signing off, here I am sharing with you how a simple hand is interrelated to the whole body

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