Friday, November 27, 2009

Pamper urself w a MANICURE

Happy Holiday Everyone : )) "Festival of Sacrifice" is celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. A day one ponder of the sacrifices made to be a better Muslim, children, sibling, spouse and a friend.

With that I am sharing some pictures taken of mosques around the world:


Have you ever wonder what they actually do when you pamper yourself with a manicure?
1) Removal of any nail polish (From the small finger to the thumb)
Nail polish is set by evaporation therefore to remove one, we need to soak cotton wool with nail polish remover and placed it about 10 second on the nail before wiping it off'

2) Place a piece of tissue paper below the hand

3) Filing
Brown (Manicure)
White (Pedicure)
3a) Discuss client's requirement of filing shape.
3b) Hold the filer correctly (4 fingers in front & the thumb behind, as shown below)

3c) The filer should be 45 degree to the nail & filed in one direction with long stokes/ sounds.

3d) Filing is done toward the end of the nail via the two side first before moving to the center section of the nail.
3e) For a good filing, one must be able to demonstrate correct beveling technique, filling technique and able to hold client's finger correctly .

4) Massage & Soak
4a) Cotton bub is soak with sweet almond oil & place on the cuticle from small finger to thumb.
4b) Massage in circular motion using the thumb.

5) Dab dry with towel
6) Apply cuticle cream & massage

7) Orange Stick wrap with cotton wool.
7a) Dip with water
7b) Push in circular motion at 45 degree on the nail

8) Use of Cuticle knife
9) Use of Cuticle Nipper
10) Massage
11) Dab the hand with tissue

12) Vanishing
12a) Base Coat
12b) 1st Coat
12c) 2nd Coat
12d) Top Coat

Correct handling of product, appearance, client care, hygiene and proper sterilization are important for any
Good Manicure!!!

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